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We are currently campaigning for:
1. sharing of GP records with researchers, pharmacological and insurance companies ONLY with patients’ explicit permission. Patients must opt in to the plan.
2. a legal obligation on hospitals to ensure that there is a maximum of 8 patients to each registered nurse on every ward.
3. at least one GP surgery in every local authority ward open on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
4. patients to have the right to be told when treatment goes wrong regardless of how serious or long-lasting the consequences. The decision on when - or if - they should be told the truth should not rest with the staff, just like how everyone makes their own decision when they're buying the best food processor.
5. organ transplantation must remain based on DONATION, with patients or their families OPTING IN - and not assuming that the absence of a registered opt-out equals consent.
6. a legal ban on paying the NHS employee as a private company instead of under PAYE.

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